Commercial Properties

When it comes to the welfare of your commercial property and the people who rely on it, trust in the dedicated professionals at 24/7 Metro Restoration. With our comprehensive restoration solutions, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your business is in safe hands. Let us help you bring your commercial property back to its full potential, ready to serve your clients and support your success once more.

Pre-Construction & Construction Services

Efficient design-build service, integrating creativity and expertise for your unique project needs. Continuous management from start to finish ensures excellence in execution and exceeding expectations.

Tenant Improvements

Employing state-of-the-art technologies and adhering to industry-leading practices, we deploy efficient strategies to confine dust and minimize its impact on occupied spaces. Our primary objective is to deliver a seamless and inconspicuous experience to our clients, empowering them to concentrate on their core business activities with absolute assurance.

Water Damage

People need water for survival, but when water shows up where it’s not supposed to show up, what do you do? Whether you own or manage a building or home, people depend on you to keep that building clean and safe.

Fire & Smoke Damage

The fire is out, but your home or business is damaged beyond recognition. Now what? Call 24/7 Metro Restoration. Smoke and other odors can also get in the way of your normal life. We are here to help your life get back to normal.

Storm Damage

The Carolinas get their fair share of storms, and some of those storms can bring flooding into your home or business and destroy your property’s exterior. When heavy wind, rain, hail, ice and snow show up, it doesn’t bother with being subtle. Removing the damage caused by Mother Nature takes time, dedication, and highly skilled professionals like 24/7 Metro Restoration.

Residential Properties

Safeguarding your residential property and the well-being of its inhabitants is our top priority at 24/7 Metro Restoration. Rely on our dedicated professionals who offer comprehensive restoration solutions, providing you with peace of mind. Your home will be in safe hands as we work to bring it back to its full potential, ready to cater to your family’s needs and restore comfort once more.

Design Build-Services

Our design-build team exemplifies a remarkable blend of design mastery, construction expertise, and keen business acumen. With an unwavering dedication to reliability and trustworthiness, we infuse every facet of your project, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a seamless journey, where creativity meets precision, resulting in outcomes that surpass expectations.

Mold Remediation

We work with independent hygienists to fully and safely remediate your mold issues. Our services are designed to identify and eliminate the source of the problem quickly so that you can get your home or business back to normal without worrying about long-term health effects.

Large Loss

At 24/7 Metro Restoration, we are here to help you protect your property and business. There is no commercial loss too large or too small us to handle.

Government, Federal, State & Local

When a disaster strikes, people expect local governments to provide help. But what happens when the catastrophe impacts government buildings? Floods, fires, and other misfortunes can impact government property just as easily as they can impact residential or commercial property. Who do you call for government building restoration? You call 24/7 Metro Restoration, of course. Our restoration team proudly serves government sectors in the Carolinas.

Let us bring the calm to your distress.