Vision: Our vision is to become one of the leading full-service general construction firms in the nation. We aim to exceed construction industry standards by delivering projects, services, and safety that consistently go above and beyond. We are committed to providing exceptional customer satisfaction through our core values of value, integrity, and innovative construction solutions. All of this will be achieved while maintaining a family team approach to our business.

Mission: Our mission is to contribute to the betterment of our community by collaborating closely with customers and trade partners. Through this collaboration, we will deliver construction services of exceptional quality that positively shape our surroundings.

Values: We hold ourselves to the highest standards as the preferred general contractor and employer of choice. Our commitment to ethics, quality, and safety sets the benchmark for our industry.

Integrity, Expertise and Leadership.

Expertise: “Our proficiency in construction, project management, emergency response/mitigation, estimating, and pre-construction services ensures that our customers receive high-quality service at a fair price and within a reasonable timeframe. We achieve this by carefully selecting responsible subcontractors, hiring and retaining exceptional employees, and collaborating with customers who share our commitment to open, honest, and direct communication.”

Commitment: This commitment to a family-oriented team and open project leadership not only leads to successful construction projects but, more importantly, results in satisfied customers. Our dedication to these principles is the cornerstone of our approach.

People, Innovation and Professionalism

People: At the heart of 24/7 Metro Restoration lies our unwavering dedication to the individuals who enable our work to thrive.

Innovation: We channel our enthusiasm by introducing novel concepts, technologies, and methodologies, propelling us to the vanguard of innovation.

Professionalism: Our conduct is guided by the highest standards of professionalism. This entails sharing our expert knowledge and experience, fostering a sense of cooperation and regard, not only within our organization but also in our interactions with customers.


Integrity: Our unwavering commitment is to uphold the highest standards of integrity, characterized by honesty, dependability, and fairness. This commitment extends to every facet of our work and all our business relationships.

Excellence in Quality and Service: We dedicate ourselves to achieving excellence in the realm of quality and service. Through a continuous pursuit of improvement in quality, safety, innovation, and reliability, we aim to set industry benchmarks. Collaborating with the finest talent and trade partners, we strive to deliver outstanding outcomes to our valued customers.

Professionalism: We embrace the ideals of professionalism, ensuring that we fulfill our promises to customers, partners, vendors, and colleagues. Our aspiration is to stand out by demonstrating competence, dependability, and professional conduct in all our interactions.

Accountability: Within the realm of 24/7 Metro Restoration, accountability is paramount. Our team bears the responsibility for both their work and their ongoing professional development, underscoring our commitment to continuous growth.

Safety: The paramount importance of safety is ingrained in our priorities. Ensuring the safety of our team members, trade partners, customers, and the communities we serve is our paramount concern. We vigorously strive to foster a culture of safety and health to cultivate a secure work environment.

Empowerment & Teamwork: Our leadership ethos fosters empowerment and collaboration among team members and trade partners. By embracing challenges, devising innovative solutions, and pushing beyond comfort zones, we aim for remarkable achievements. We hold in high regard the insights and ideas of our team, promoting knowledge-sharing and mutual support in our collective pursuit of construction and restoration excellence.