Mold remediation is a common concern for homeowners, but certain factors in this geographic region can amplify the issue. With the combination of high summer humidity, occasional thunderstorms, and older historic homes, mold problems can become more pronounced. However, there’s no need to fret. 24/7 Metro Restoration, a family-oriented company, is here to provide safe and effective mold removal services for your home.

If you have mold in your commercial building, what can you do about it? First, you’ll want to act sooner rather than later. Mold doesn’t go away on its own. In fact, the longer you leave it alone, the worse it gets. Second, let 24/7 Metro Restoration remove the mold for you. You should avoid trying to get rid of the mold on your own. 

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When you own a commercial building, many people spend time in that space. Whether you rent your building to other people or you run your own business from inside your building, you depend on people working there. Those people need a healthy work environment


Allergies and Asthma

We always bring up allergies and asthma when we talk about mold. Those two health problems are the first to flare up when you have mold in your building. Mold sets off allergy and asthma symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, and even trouble with breathing.


Do you own an apartment building? Then you should make sure that the building stays mold-free. If your building is a place where people eat and sleep, it’s even more important that you create a healthy and safe environment.


Given the multitude of dangers and challenges associated with mold, it is strongly advised against attempting to remove it yourself. Instead, seek out a reputable and highly qualified professional team capable of handling the task effectively. A professional team possesses the necessary expertise, specialized tools, extensive experience, and proper safety equipment required to remove mold without exacerbating the problem. Entrusting the job to professionals ensures that the mold removal process is conducted safely and efficiently.

Mold tends to thrive in concealed areas, making it elusive to the naked eye. Instead of appearing in plain sight, it tends to grow in corners, behind walls, in attics, and basements. This stealthy nature often leads to delayed detection, allowing the problem to escalate significantly before being noticed. Moreover, mold removal can be challenging due to the need to locate and eliminate every trace of mold. Leaving even a small amount behind can result in its persistent growth, forcing you to confront a major problem all over again.


Mold, whether in small or large quantities, can pose a nuisance and even a potential danger. While certain molds are more toxic than others, all molds have the capacity to elicit severe reactions. Individuals with allergies, asthma, or mold sensitivities are particularly susceptible to experiencing unpleasant and harmful symptoms. Some common symptoms associated with mold exposure include coughing, wheezing, trouble breathing, sneezing, and choking.

If you or a family member experiences any of these symptoms when exposed to mold, it is crucial to take immediate action. Contact us without delay, and we will promptly address the problem to ensure the health and well-being of your family. Our expert services will effectively eliminate the mold, providing a safe and healthy living environment for you and your loved ones.


The growth of mold is triggered by the activation of mold spores through moisture. Once moisture activates these spores, mold will continue to thrive until decisive action is taken. Unfortunately, the only effective way to halt mold growth is by thorough removal. Any residual mold left unaddressed will persist in its expansion, leading to recurring issues that necessitate starting the process from scratch. Moreover, cleaning mold without caution can potentially exacerbate the problem. Disturbing mold releases more spores into the air, which can be harmful if inhaled and can contribute to new mold growth if activated by water. Merely relocating the mold to another area may create a false sense of resolution while perpetuating the problem in a different spot.


24/7 Metro Restoration is prepared to deal with the mold. We have a step-by-step process that works every time, check it out below:


In order to address the mold issue effectively, the initial step is to locate its presence. You can indicate the area where you initially noticed the mold, and our team will diligently assess the extent of its spread. Complete eradication of mold is essential to prevent future recurrence. Fortunately, we possess expert knowledge of the common hiding spots for mold, leaving no room for it to escape our professional detection.

Once we have determined the scope of mold in your home, we can provide an estimate regarding the duration of the remediation process. If desired, we can keep you informed throughout the entire process, ensuring transparency and allowing you to stay updated on the progress being made. Rest assured, with our expertise, we will diligently tackle the mold problem, leaving your home mold-free and providing you with peace of mind.


Following the identification of mold, our cleaning process goes beyond the ordinary. We employ high-quality, specially formulated cleaning solutions designed to effectively halt the growth of mold. Our advanced cleaning tools are capable of accessing even the most challenging corners and tight spaces where mold tends to hide. At 24/7 Metro Restoration, we ensure thorough removal of all mold during the initial cleaning, leaving no trace behind. Our commitment is to eliminate the problem entirely from the very first attempt.


In certain instances, mold can deeply infiltrate walls and other structural elements. In such cases, it becomes necessary to remove and replace these affected structures. For instance, when mold has caused significant damage to walls, we have the expertise to safely remove and replace any compromised plaster, ensuring the complete restoration of the affected areas.


To avoid the recurrence of mold, it is crucial to address persistent moisture issues within your house. At our disposal, we offer expert moisture mitigation services, which effectively eliminate the source of moisture that fuels mold growth. By tackling the underlying cause, we provide an alternative solution that helps prevent mold from resurfacing in your home.

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